High Protein Lunch Challenge


High Protein Lunches For Work

For many of us, lunch is the least thought about meal of the day. We might grab a quick salad attempting to be healthy, go out with our colleagues for a high fat/high processed meal, or simply grab something from the vending machine between meetings. These choices are followed by an afternoon of food comas, hunger, energy crashes, and potentially more bad eating decisions trying to keep up with the afternoon.

You can make healthy lunches – and it just might transform your life.

Why Make Your Lunch For Work High In Protein?

  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Provides lasting energy without the crashes
  • Keeps you fuller longer
  • Reduces belly fat
  • Increases awareness of food choices
  • Inspires healthier choices throughout the day
  • Increases productivity

Changing your lunch habits can help you have more energy, look better, increase productivity, and inspire healthier choices throughout the day.  How would that impact your life?

Why Can You Be Successful?

  • It’s one simple change or new habit to focus on.
  • It doesn’t require your entire family to participate, agree on meals, etc.
  • We provide the support and ideas to help you.

Formula For High Protein Lunch Ideas

We know!  Thinking about new lunch ideas and recipes can be overwhelming.  And we are here to help!  We have a very easy formula to help you create your high protein lunch.  Follow four simple steps to make your high protein lunch:

  1. Select your protein source –  a few ounces or about 3/4 cups
  2. Add a couple cups of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Add a tablespoon of condiments, dressings, etc.
  4. Enter your food into MyFitnessPal to measure your protein, carbs, and fats ratio for the meal.  (Optional)

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