About Us

Hello! We are Brad and Lisa. Brad operates Bodywork Alternatives Onsite Massage, LLC and spends his day organizing on-site chair massage services for corporate and personal events. Lisa has a full-time corporate job she commutes to everyday. We found high protein lunches because we struggled with ensuring we had healthy lunches to sustain us for our busy lives – and we think there are others who might struggle with this too.

Brad’s the more creative one so you’ll enjoy his photography of the lunches we make. Lisa spends her time primarily writing the recipes, sharing lunch planning organization tips, and optimizing the content so you can find us. We both contribute to the recipes bringing our personal tastes and style to our lunch and snack ideas.

Other than high protein recipes, we aren’t following a specific dietary plan. Between the two of us, we have a family history of diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. We focus on developing eating habits to avoid having these health issues in our future. We try to keep red meat, cheese, and sugars to a minimum. We also tend to stay away from artificial sweeteners.

So that’s a little bit about us and our methodology to recipe planning. We hope you gain benefit from our blog and programs!